Into the Metaverse

Image: Horizon Worlds

Meta What?

What will it be like in the metaverse?

What will metaverse look like
Image: Nikeland Roblox

Where did the metaverse come from?

Starting of metaverse

Do you need any special hardware to enter the metaverse?

Hardwares for metaverse

Real-world vs Metaverse Economics

What are the top technologies that will make metaverse a reality?

Technologies used in metaverse

Possible Metaverse Use Cases:

Gaming in metaverse
The Sandbox is a virtual Metaverse where players can play, build, own, and monetize their virtual experiences. Image: Handout
Image: Second Life
Shopping in metaverse
Image: CEEK
Virtual Meetings in metaverse
Image: Meta
Live concerts in metaverse
Ariana Grande’s Fortnite Concert
Virtual tourism in metaverse
Image: Pearl Abyss, shows game DokeV.
Education in metaverse
Image: Ultraleap
Fitness in metaverse
Image: Supernatural
Real estate in metaverse
Virtual Fashion
Image: Meta
Healthcare in metaverse
Image: Arch Virtual
Finance in metaverse
Image: Hana Bank

See you in the Metaverse.



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