How to buy SafeMoon in India

How to buy safe moon easily in India

What is SafeMoon

How to buy safemoon from India

What Makes Safe Moon Unique

Where to buy SafeMoon — An Easy Step by Step Guide

How to buy safemoon in India
SafeMoon buying guide

Follow below the simplest step-by-step guide to buy SafeMoon.

***Step 1: Register on Wazirx

How to buy bitcoin from India
Register to wazirx

***Step 2: Deposite INR

How to add funds in Wazirx

***Step 3: Buy coins with deposited money

how to buy Tron(trx) from Wazirx?

***Step 4: Register on

How to buy altcoin from Exchange to buy SafeMoon

***Step 5: Transfer your coins from Wazirx to

how to signup to and deposit fund
how to deposit Tron in
transaction history in wazirx
transaction history of Wazirx
Great job

***Step6 : Buy USDT on your account on

buy cryptocurrency from
how to buy USDT using TRX
How to Sell TRX and buy USDT in
how to go to wallet?
how to find balance in

***Step7 : BUY SAFEMOON — Final step

buy safemoon from India

Common queries

  1. Why cant we choose other Altcoins instead of TRX/XRP ?




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